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Keamk is a Random Team Generator. It is a service to create random groups from a list of participants. Keamk also offers the possibility of generating balanced teams using different criteria such as gender or skill level of participants.


My name is Fabien Morin. The idea of this website came to my mind when I was playing 5-a-side football with friends: how to get teams both random and balanced? To meet this need, I created in September 2013, in Dijon (France), a website called Miksi for creating teams and groups randomly. Miksi quickly found its audience in the French-speaking community (the website was only in French).

In 2017, while living in Athens GA (USA), I developed and founded Keamk, an international and improved version of Miksi. It was a complete overhaul of the previous website: new technologies, new features, internationalization and name change. Miksi became Keamk.

Today, I run, maintain and evolve Keamk on a daily basis to provide the best existing Random Team Generator.

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